Add vocabularies.

You can add vocabularies to Tropy's list of metadata vocabularies in order to use them in your metadata templates. The vocabularies must be in .ttl or .n3 file format. You can see a large list of vocabularies that should import easily into Tropy here.

Tropy ships with several commonly used vocabularies. Some of these are the vocabularies on which Tropy is based; others are commonly used in archives and libraries.

  • Dublin Core metadata (both elements and terms)

  • RDF vocabularies

  • Europeana Data Model and related vocabularies

To add more vocabularies to Tropy, click the + in the bottom left corner. You can then import a .ttl or .n3 file from your computer. Once you have imported a new vocabulary, the vocabulary's name will appear in the list of vocabularies, and the terms will be available in the template editor.

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