Create a new project.

A project is a collection of photographs. Because Tropy allows for a lot of flexibility in each project, it usually makes sense to conceive of a project in broad terms: a project as a book or thesis, not a chapter. You can use lists, tags, and/or notes to organize material within a Tropy project.

From the menu bar: Click on File > New > Project.

To change where your project is saved: By default, your project saves to your documents folder on your hard drive (My Documents in Windows, Documents in macOS, etc.).

To change where your project is saved, click on Change file name and location in the “Create new project” dialog box. Then select a new location. You can also rename the file so that the name of the project is different from the name of the file. Then click Save to return to the "Create new project" dialog box. When you have named your project, click Create project.

To find out where your project is saved: Once you are in Tropy, if you need to find out where your project is saved, right-click on its name in the sidebar and select Show project file.

Open multiple projects at the same time.

To open multiple projects at the same time, navigate to File > Open in New Window and select the project you wish to open in addition to the project you currently have open. You can copy and paste items between projects (though there is diminishing utility in this the more you do it; if you find you're copying large quantities of items, you should consider combining your two projects into one).

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