Under Preferences, you can customize your installation of Tropy in several ways.


Default Template: You can set any of your templates to be the default. Whichever template you select will automatically apply to any new items you import (though you can change the templates at any later time).

Duplicate Items: You can select a preference for how to deal with duplicate items upon import. Tropy will detect whether a file with your imported photo's name already exists; you can select how you want to manage any file names that are the same.

Theme: Select light or dark mode.

Locale: Tropy can be used in multiple languages. Select your preferred language. If you do not see the language you prefer to work in, and you would be willing to help us translate Tropy into that language, please join our translation team at Transifex!

Interface: The preferences here help you match Tropy's behavior to your typical scrolling behavior.


For more information on the Templates section, visit the templates section of the documentation.


For more information on the Vocabularies section, visit the vocabularies section of the documentation.