What's New

This page describes the new features from our current release.

New in Tropy 1.10

  • New way of linking your photos! In the past, if you've wanted to be able to move your photos around, you had to follow a somewhat hackneyed process to create what we were calling a portable project. We've gotten rid of portable projects in favor of a much easier solution--you can now select whether you want your photos to be linked to Tropy using relative paths or absolute paths.

New in Tropy 1.7

  • Copy and paste items with metadata: Tropy now allows you to copy and paste items using JSON-LD.

  • JSON-LD import: You can now import JSON-LD files as Tropy items.

  • Archive plugin: You can now bundle Tropy items (photos, metadata, and notes) into a zip archive that you can transfer to another device or user.

New in Tropy 1.6

  • New thumbnail ratios: Tropy now renders your thumbnails with proper aspect ratio (not squares). When you first update, your thumbnails may look weird or stretched because the aspect ratio has changed. They should correct themselves automatically.

  • New import options:

    • PDF support! Hooray! Be sure to read the user guide about how and when to use PDFs.

    • You can now import JPEG2000 and HEIC images.

    • You can now drag certain images straight from your web browser into Tropy.

  • You can now move your metadata to a different field without copying and pasting. See how at Add metadata to items.

  • You can explore our new print options, including printing without metadata, without notes, or without photos. See how at Print items.

  • You can now use Tropy in Spanish!

New in Tropy 1.5.3

  • You can now print items to a real printer (or to PDF). See how at Print items.

  • You can now export your notes as either HTML (how it was before) or Markdown. See how at Export to JSON-LD.

New in Tropy 1.5.2

  • If you move your photos to a new location, Tropy can now find them with only a little input from you: see how at Moving Photos.

New in Tropy 1.5.1

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