Add photos to Tropy.

When you import a photo, Tropy makes a thumbnail copy of the photo. The original photo remains in its original location on your hard drive. You have several options for adding photos to your project.

  • Navigate to File > Import photos. You can select one photo from your files, or using Shift+click or Ctrl/Command+click, you can select multiple photos. To select all photos in a folder, type Ctrl/Command+A. Then click Open in the dialog box.

  • Click the + in the menu bar above the item table in project view.

  • From your computer’s file system, navigate to the folder where your photos are, and select one or more photos. Then drag those photos into the middle pane of Tropy in order to add them.

Depending on the number of photos you are importing, you should expect import to take some time.

Note: At this time, Tropy does not support drag-and-drop directly from Apple’s photo software, including iPhoto and To get photos from Photos, export your photos to a different location on your computer and then follow the steps above.

You may want to add an item that does not yet have any photos attached to it. To do so, go to File > New > Item. You can then add photos to that item just as you would add photos to an item that already contains photos.

Troubleshooting: When you import photos into Tropy, make sure the search box is clear; otherwise it will seem like your photos are not importing.

Consolidate your photo library.

If you make changes to the originals of your photos, you will need to tell Tropy that you've made changes. (For instance, perhaps you cropped or changed the contrast on a photo outside Tropy.) This process is called consolidation.

To consolidate, navigate to File > Consolidate Photo Library. You don't need to do anything else; this command lets Tropy recreate any thumbnails that are missing or have been changed.