Edit photos in an item

Tropy allows you to do basic photo editing. You can do all your photo editing using the toolbar at the top of the photo pane in Item view.

From left to right, the buttons are as follows:

  1. Arrow: This is the basic tool for clicking on your photo. Double-clicking on your photo while the arrow is active will zoom your photo 100%.
  2. Select: This tool allows you to make selections that stand on their own. More about selections here.
  3. Rotate: This button rotates your photo counterclockwise by 90 degrees. The keyboard shortcut for this action is Ctrl+space.
  4. Mirror: This button flips your photo to its mirror.
  5. Pan: Pan allows you to move your photo around while it is zoomed in. You can also activate pan by holding down the space bar.
  6. Fit width: This button will fit your photo to the width of the window.
  7. Fit window: This button will fit your whole photo into the window.
  8. Zoom slider: You can also manually zoom in or out on your photo.

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