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Tropy has two views for working with your items. The project view appears by default when you open Tropy. It lists all of your items, allowing you to see your work in broad terms and edit or tag in bulk. The item view allows you to focus on one particular item, giving you a place to add notes or transcription. Both views allow you to edit metadata and tags.

Project view

In project view, you can view your items in a list or in a photo grid. To switch between these views, use the slider at the top of the item table. Your photos appear as a list when the slider is all the way to the left. The columns in the list view correspond to commonly used fields in the Tropy Generic template.

If you are viewing your photos as a list, you can sort the list by column. Click on the name of the column you want to sort by. The arrow (^) indicates which column your items are sorted by and whether they are sorted ascending (^) or descending (ˇ).

Moving the slider to the right switches the display to a grid. Note: The images in this view are simply thumbnails. Your photos have not been cropped to be square; in the item view they will show up full-sized.

You can see a full-size preview of any of your items by pressing Space. Press Space again to clear the preview.

Item view

To move to item view, double-click on one of your items.

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